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Talk about creating mods for Druidstone here.

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Getting Started

Post by petri » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:24 am

Welcome to modding Druidstone!

Official documentation:

Example mod source files:

The game loads mods from Documents/Ctrl Alt Ninja/Druidstone/mods/ at startup. For example,
Documents/Ctrl Alt Ninja/Druidstone/mods/testmod/...
Documents/Ctrl Alt Ninja/Druidstone/mods/anothermod/...

Each mod should have a mod_main.lua file, which can then import other Lua files. See the "testmod" project for an example:
Download the example mod from Github and place it in Documents/Ctrl Alt Ninja/Druidstone/mods/testmod. Restart the game and a new mission should appear on the world map.

NOTE: the game loads *all* mods from the location at startup, so you can have more than one mod active at the same time.

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